Business Owners Groups


Tackling growth challenges is tough to do by yourself. If it was easy, you would already have done it.

“I have no one to talk with about my business challenges. I can’t talk with my employees or my spouse. I feel isolated in my decision making.”

You don’t have to feel like this. Growing and running your business is a lot easier if you get needed help. The best help often comes from your peers–other business owners.

There are two types of Business Owners Groups:

1. Face-to-face Business Owners Groups – that meet in the San Francisco Bay Area.

2. Virtual Groups – For people outside the San Francisco Area, or who prefer to work from their office, I conduct virtual groups via conference call and web conference.

View an interview with a long-time Business Owners Group participant, in which she tells how the guidance and inspiration she received from the group, helped her grow her business and eventually reach the point that she successfully sold her business and happily sailed off into the sunset!

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