Managing Growth

You may need to change your management style to keep up with your growing company.

“I need a name tag so my kids will recognize me, I work so many hours.”

[need more statements here]

Successful small business owners have learned the following:
How to “promote yourself to CEO”—that is, focus on executive responsibilities and be less of a floor manager and worker.
How to put together a skilled growth team, and catalyze them to help you achieve your vision

Promote Yourself to CEO. Polish the skills and capabilities you need to boost your growth, ease, and profitability
How to Build a Culture of Growth
The Inner Game of Growth. How the way you run your business is a barrier to your growth, ease, and profitability
Top 3 Barriers to Growth—and how to overcome them

“Grow Your Business–For solopreneurs who want to grow
“Grow Your Business–For Owners with a Crew of Employees
Executive Mindset

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