B.J.’s HR Consulting Services

B.J. Van Horn, SPHR Senior Professional in Human Resources

Your unique or overwhelming H.R. challenge is probably one we’ve solved before.

Small business owners ask us questions like these all the time:

– “How can I find the right people I need to achieve my business vision, make them part of my team, and get them doing the right jobs right away?”

– “How can we keep on the right side of employment law and still motivate our best performers, coach our marginal workers into giving star performances, and eliminate the poor performers?”

These critical, ongoing issues impact your success or failure – but keeping an in-house Human Resources expert on staff is often too expensive. We provide top-level HR expertise for you on an “as needed” basis. Human Resources issues we help take off your plate include:

  • Design and present training for you and your managers—to hire, promote, train, discipline, or terminate staff without violating laws and regulations or getting sued
  • Successfully navigate the maze of Leave of Absence and benefit law
  • Create a firm, fair, and consistent workplace that fosters positive and professional interaction and teamwork
  • Resolve workplace conflict and performance problems
  • Management development training: preventing sexual harassment, conducting effective and lawful performance reviews, coaching for success
  • Handbook and effective policies
  • Succession planning, grooming talent for the future

We provide you with:

  • The expertise and seasoned professional judgment you need to inform your decisions
  • The clear strategy, effective tactics, and practical skills required to keep your employees on track
BJ consults with business partners

You can work with us in several ways: telephone consultation, on-site work, projects and investigations, and document review via the internet.

“We started working with B.J. when we passed the 50-employee mark. We should have started a lot sooner! We function better as a company because of her work. She helped us create clear, staff-friendly policies that offer the right level of protection. . She helped us diffuse the trickiest situations. We’re fortunate to get all the experience of a seasoned HR professional on just a day a week.”
Mike Faith, CEO & President, Headsets.com, Inc.

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