I offer two types of tools

My Book “Grow Your Business Without Driving Yourself Crazy” is the “bible” that covers most of the major things I talk about.

E-books are downloadable guidebooks and exercises in PDF format. They contain single topic, sharp focus, self-guided exercises and templates to help you apply key growth and management ideas to your business.

You can order any of these from our Webstore. We ship the book, and you download e-books in PDF format


How to Grow Your Business Without Driving Yourself Crazy

Tools to tackle barriers to growth, profitability, and ease.
The larger your company grows, the tougher it can be to grow yet larger. Business adviser Mike Van Horn’s book tells how to tackle the barriers to growth encountered by most successful small businesses. These practical tools are based on the author’s work with over 1,000 business owners over 20 years. 6×9. – 304 pages, perfect bound. $19.95

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Grow Your Business without Driving Yourself Crazy — workbook

Companion workbook for my book, How to Grow Your Business Without Driving Yourself Crazy

For owners of small businesses who find that the way they run their business is getting in the way of its growth. How to identify the barriers to growth, profitability, and ease of operation. Plus tools and exercises to overcome them.

What drives you crazy about growing your business?
Tackle your barriers
The five elements needed to overcome any barrier to growth



Promote Yourself to CEO
For small business owners

Polish the skills and capabilities you need to boost your growth, profitability, and ease of operation
The way you ran your business when it was smaller may no longer work now that it was grown. You may be the bottleneck in your company’s growth. This book shows you how to become more “presidential” in your management style, so you hand off more, focus on executive responsibilities, and be less of a floor manager and worker.

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Small Business Success Plan

Create a practical plan of action for the coming year
Goals, Strategies, Activities, and Key Challenges
We’ve used this step-by-step workbook in our plan workshops for over 25 years. You come out with a plan of action on one sheet.

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Recapture Your Time.

Don’t just save your time–invest it strategically. For small business owners.
Where can you get the highest return on each hour of your time? What should you be doing to focus on growing your business to the size and profitability you want? How do you carve out time for innovation and special projects? Where should you invest your time for strategic growth? This book contains a series of exercises to take your from frenetic overwhelm to focusing on the big picture.

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Top 10 Steps To Effective Marketing

Your marketing is only as strong as its weakest link.
Marketing works best when all the pieces pull together. Marketing is a chain, and one weak link can hurt the entire effort. This workbook takes you step-by-step through everything you need to make your marketing work for you.

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Boost Your Financial Performance

Seven steps to improved financial performance
For owners of small businesses who say, “I’ve got to make a steady profit to thrive and grow!” You are in business to make a profit, so assuring your cash flow and profitability are essential. This workbook gives the basics of watching your operation and assuring profitability, for those who are not financial whizzes.



Success Tips from Small Business Owners

A hundred common sense tips and questions taken from our book, How to Grow Your Business Without Driving Yourself Crazy. Condensed into a short, illustrated booklet. Guaranteed to stimulate your thinking! Ignore these issues; they’re roadblocks. Just read them; they’re platitudes. Heed them; you have a roadmap to success.

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Finding & Keeping Good Employees

How to “Hire Smart,” so you don’t have to “Manage Tough”
How to make sure you hire the best team, have them work productively together, and stay with you. How to avoid problems–and handle them when they do arise.

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Employer Assertiveness Training

Creating a workplace that is firm, fair, and consistent
Nine simple rules of employer clarity and assertiveness.
It shows you how to have a workplace in where people know what they’re supposed to do, and do it consistently and well. (Some material in this workbook is slanted toward California employment law.)



Inner Game of Business Growth

Is the way you run your business a barrier to your growth, profitability, and ease of operation?
Learn why some businesses grow rapidly while others struggle for growth and profitability. The difference often lies within the head of the owner. This is a detailed exercise on how to change your own management behavior.

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Turn Your Secret Knowledge Into Systems

Good systems are the springboard to growth.
Move past your “seat of the pants” management style and build up the everyday systems and procedures you need for growth, profitability, and ease of operation. How to move from “seat of the pants” management to being systematic and consistent.

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Pay Yourself First

Linking your paycheck, revenue, and your marketing
What is your desired paycheck? How big must your business be to pay you that much? How many customers must you have? How much marketing must you do? Step-by-step exercises to help you figure this out.

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How to Introduce Change to Your Employees

How can you introduce change so that those who are going to be affected by it will be enthusiastic, rather than resistant? Ten steps to help you think it through, build support, deal with resistance, and get it done.



Gold From Small Business

How to Consult Profitably With Owner-Run Businesses
What sets small business owners apart from corporate managers and execs? What are the opportunities for consultants, and how to take advantage of them? Plus the challenges of working with small businesses and how to deal with them.

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Growth, Ease, Profitability

Assess your business and see how to improve it

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