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Hi, I’m Mike Van Horn. I help owners of growing businesses tackle the challenges that make it harder for them to keep growing. I’ve been doing this for 25 years.

On this site is a set of tools –based on my experience working with way over 1,000 owners–that all help you on the same job–to grow your business to the size and profitability you want, and without the business swallowing your life.  This is for solopreneurs and owners with a crew of employees.

Don’t be stuck at small! Grow your business to the size and profitability you want.

Which of these barriers to growth is holding you back? Click on it to see more:

  • TIME. There’s not enough hours!
    “If I don’t use my time well, if I just concentrate head-down on day-to-day things, I don’t have time to focus on growing my company, and I’m stuck at small.”
  • CASH, PROFIT. Everything we do must be profitable!
    “If I don’t adopt a profit mentality, and insist that everything I do be profitable, then I’ll never be able to get the capital needed for growth, and I’m stuck at small.”
  • SALES, MARKETING. I need more customers!
    “If my marketing and selling efforts aren’t working effectively, then I never get enough business or the right customers. Without this, my business cannot grow or scale up, and I’m stuck at small.”
  • EMPLOYEES, PRODUCTIVITY. How do I hire good help?
    “If I don’t hire the help I need and manage them well, I’m stuck doing too many low level tasks, and I can never focus on strategic growth. The business runs me ragged; I’m likely to burn out. And I’m stuck at small.”
  • MANAGING GROWTH. I feel like I’ve outgrown my management style.
    “If I can’t put together a skilled growth team, and catalyze them to help me achieve my vision, then I’m stuck at small.”
  • ISOLATION. I have nobody to talk with!
    “If I act like the ‘Lone Ranger,’ and try to do it all on my own without outside expertise and support, I’ll feel isolated, and I’ll make unnecessary mistakes that slow my growth to a crawl. I’m stuck at small.”
  • PLANNING. How can I stick to a do-able plan?
    “If I just wing it, and never put together a practical plan of action and stay on top of it, then it’s very difficult to stay focused on the requirements for growth, and I’m stuck at small.”

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