Consulting / Coaching / Problem Solving

I am a small business growth adviser.

If you are dealing with a growth challenge—whether you’re a solopreneur or have a bunch of employees—I would love to help you.

I’ve been advising owners of growing businesses for years, so it’s hard to find an issue I haven’t dealt with. Here are the issues we dig into most often:

Marketing and sales
Your management style
Financial performance
Employee issues
Turning your creative solutions into sellable products

If I can’t help you, I’ll say so, and recommend someone else.

Three Ways We Can Work Together

1 on 1 session, for any growth question or problem. By phone or email (can be Skype, Google Docs). ½ hour minimum.

Series of regular sessions. We’ll brainstorm your best growth strategy, tackle your challenges, keep you moving forward. We’ll set goals and action items and milestones, I’ll keep you on track and problem solve with you. I’ll take notes and send them to you. You set the duration. Either monthly or bi-monthly on a regular schedule.

Tackle your top growth barrier. 6-month program. Owners get stuck behind the same barriers over and over. They are easy to see, but can be tough to overcome. I’ve been guiding owners how to move through these barriers for many years Details here.


Are You a Small Business Adviser?

Want to start a business owners’ advisory group like mine in your area?

My “Harness the Power of the Group” program teaches you how to launch, run, and keep healthy a business owner group. I have trained a number of consultants, coaches, and retired executives to lead their own groups.
Learn all about the Business Group Leadership Program

For Consultants, Coaches, and Other Independent Knowledge Workers.

I have two ebooks for you, and I can coach you on how to make these work in your practice.

Gold From Small Business. Consulting with small business owners is different than with corporate execs. I’ll show you how to build a lucrative practice with owners of small businesses.

Cash Flow From Your Creativity. How to develop your creative solutions into products and packages you can sell many times over. You can earn more money, spend less time at it, generate passive income, and perhaps build a business that can be sold.

I’ve been down these paths myself, and I can guide you. I can get you started, and see you through the rough patches.