Employess, Productivity

Get the help and support you need for growth

Who is the highest-skilled person you can hire or promote
to free you to focus on growing your business?

These are some of the areas you may need a skilled professional to perform:
• Compliance, conflict resolution, training, productivity
• How to find good people to hire
• Am I doing all the things the law requires
• How do I hire my first employee
• Do I dare fire someone?
• Seems like I’m working for my employees

Small business owners often get hung up with these challenges:
“I can’t afford to hire the people I need.”
“Only I can do this job.”
“Good people are not available.”
“I end up hiring and training my own competition.”
“I am not a good manager of people.”
“I enjoy doing all these routine tasks.”
“I’m not good at interviewing and hiring.”

Finding and Keeping Good Employees.
Assertiveness Training for Employers,
How to Hire Your First Employee. Easy to follow steps and checklists

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