Smashing Barriers

Tuesday June 4th, 2013 at 12-1:30pm PST

  • “Yeah, we’re growing. And I’m working a lot of hours. But I’m still not putting more money in my pocket!”
  • “Used to be, all I had to do was answer the phone. Now, I have to fight for every customer.”
  • “I’m super busy. But I don’t know where my day goes! I want to get more things done!”
  • “I can’t find my stuff. It’s in that pile someplace.”
  • “I don’t know a corporation from a partnership. I’m doing business. That’s what matters.”
  • “We don’t need a written contract; we’ve been friends for years!”
  • “I don’t need anyone to review my lease. It’s perfectly clear what my obligations are.”

Do any of these statements sound like you?
If you checked even one of these, then keep reading.

We all run into these barriers that make growth and profitability so difficult.

There’s just a handful of barriers that cause us the most trouble.
And there are some simple tools and rules to tackle them.

You get to participate in a FREE webinar where you will learn solutions to
these barriers so your business can grow profitably to the size you want.

So, imagine …

  • Getting more accomplished with less stress
  • Seeing your business grow with ease
  • Having peace of mind knowing you won’t be falling into any legal mess.

Dear Super-Busy Entrepreneurs,

You’re working hard. Yet the money is not rolling in. You know that working hard is not enough. You have to work smart, and do what’s necessary the best and most effective way.

Well, what is the best and most effective way? Just for you, my two fantastic colleagues—Mike Van Horn, a small business growth adviser, Nancy Lewellen, a business and real estate attorney, and I, Rosie Aiello, your productivity consultant—have pulled together a free webinar called “Smash Through the Top 10 Barriers to Growth.” We will give you tools and solutions that you can implement now to trample those barriers and leap to growth and prosperity.

You can learn by yourself, by trial and error. You may get there, someday. But to use your time most effectively, it is better to learn the right ways from someone who knows. You not only save time and money, but you are able to implement the right solutions faster for quicker results. Meaning that you start reaching that higher income level that much sooner. Now, that’s the path to being a smart entrepreneur!

“Now I focus on growth”

I’ve delegated everything in my former role as manager, so I can focus on growing the business. Mike and my group keep nudging me to think big and to do the things needed to get bigger.”

– Kathryn Maxwell, Maxwell Money Management

“I take my ‘culture of profitability’ very seriously”

“Thank you, Mike, for the information you shared in the Symposium. As an Account Executive in a large company, I take the ‘culture of my profitability’ as an independent contractor very seriously.”

– Heather Odom, Account Executive, Clear Channel

“Just took a month-long vacation”

“My dreams of the last 5 years have come true! Mike helped me see where to focus my attention to get needed growth, profit and cash flow. I now work normal workweeks—and I took a month-long vacation!”

-Donna Milgram, Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science

“I’ve gained the courage to do the hard things”

“I hated my first planning session – omigod it was overwhelming! Up to then my business had been in crisis mode. Now I look at my business from a new perspective. I’ve gained the courage to do the hard things. You can hear something forty times and not do it. But regular meetings with Mike and accountability keep me focused. Now I actually do these things!”

– Tricia Collins-Levy, The Glass Man

“I went from 250 to 21 emails a day!”

“After applying the tips and strategies I learned from Rosie from just one session on emails, I went from 250 to 21 unread emails in my inbox. Not only was a significant amount of clutter taken out, but also the distraction of all those emails was eliminated. The tips from that one session will be saving me from wasting many hours and experiencing frustration throughout the year. Thank you Rosie!

-Pat Ennis, American Solutions

“Saving over $50,000 annually with a more effective system!”

“Rosie’s webinar provides excellent insight on how to manage time more effectively, and how to minimize distractions and clutter. As an attorney with a growing law practice, I was especially happy to hear her insights on how to organize client files, how to organize files on the computer, and how to manage document databases more effectively. She not only saved me mountains of wasted time, but she has reduced my stress level!”

– Otis Landerholm, Landerholm Law Office

“With Rosie’s Help I am Enjoying the Things in Life that are Important”

“For busy professionals, time is indeed money. Rosie Aiello shares practical approaches that listeners can use to become more organized, reduce stress, increase productivity – – and have more time to enjoy the things in life that are important to them. I just wish that I (and every person I have ever supervised/worked with/worked for) had taken Rosie’s wisdom to heart years ago. As Rosie points out, Einstein had the same number of hours in the day that we do.”

-Elaine Andersson, Bricta Media LLC

“Helped me from Being a Frenzied Attorney to Getting in Control”

“Rosie Aiello helped me from being a frenzied attorney to getting in control. She is approachable, listened well to the issues I had and delivered solutions to help me become more organized and focused. She created a process for me and developed templates which have saved me time and will save me many hours over the year. Now I can serve more clients because of the time she opened up for me.”


“What I appreciate most is her ability to talk about complicated issues in plain English”

I have attended a number of presentations given by Nancy Lewellen. What I appreciate most is her ability to talk about complicated issues in plain English without using legalese. Nancy is knowledgeable and practical when comes to helping small business owners negotiate commercial leases.”

– Loren Lopin, Trust and Estates P.C.

“A true partner”

“I felt I had a true partner to guide me through a very difficult situation.”

-Marla Zemanek

“Filled me with Admiration”

“Nancy Lewellen’s legal skills were invaluable in the successful outcome of a year-long fight. Her attention to detail, legal guidance and knowledge, friendliness, skill in drafting comprehensive arguments and persistence filled me with admiration. I wholeheartedly recommend her expertise in the field of landlord-tenant relations.”

-Ivan Sharpe

“Right Choice”

“I’m an LLC and feel confident I made the right choice in choosing Nancy Lewellen.”

-Jessica Dreiling

Tuesday June 4th, 2013 at 12-1:30pm PST

Avoid the “Smallness” Mindset

  • See how to build a culture of growth
  • Learn how to use your time strategically
  • Find out how to go from idiosyncratic to systematic
Avoid the “No Profit” Habit

  • Understand how to build a culture of profitability
  • Learn how to price for profitability
  • Discover the keys to building profits
Avoid Ad Hoc Marketing

  • Learn the pitfalls of inconsistent marketing
  • Discover the keys to marketing success
  • Learn how to assure your marketing pays off
Avoid Losing Profits While Minimizing Your Taxes and Personal Liability

  • Choosing the correct business entity
  • Learn the different tax advantages
  • Learn how to keep personal assets safe
  • Discover how to compete with the “big boys”
Avoid Losing Your Business to Death, Divorce, or Disinterest.

  • Understand why a buy-sell agreement is critical
  • Discover key tips to protect your investment
  • Learn why you need your partner’s and your spouse’s signature on important documents
Avoid Common Mistakes When Negotiating and Signing Contracts and Leases

  • Learn how to properly sign your lease or contract to prevent personal liability
  • Discover the costs and liabilities of common commercial lease clauses
  • Understand how to negotiate what you want and need in your lease/contract
Avoid the Email and Internet Black Hole

  • Learn key strategies to manage email and the Internet
  • Learn to use the most important key on your keyboard.
  • Discover the shocking cost of wasting time online
Avoid Drowning in Paper and other Documents

  • Learn how physical and mental clutter saps energy and profits
  • Learn keys to purging unneeded files and other clutter
  • Discover how to stop mental clutter and reduce stress
Avoid, “Where did my day go?” Syndrome

  • Learn keys to set boundaries
  • Learn tips to manage your calendar
  • Understand the cost to missed income-producing opportunities
Secrets of Top Entrepreneurs

  • Find out what the top consultants and business owners do
  • Learn the key to faster growth and higher profits
  • Discover why support is critical

Tuesday June 4th, 2013 at 12-1:30pm PST

Mike Van Horn, MBA, is a small business growth advisor. Mike’s motto, “Grow Your Business without Driving Yourself Crazy” is also the title of his book. Mike’s company, The Business Group, helps business owners overcome their challenges to growth, so they grow to the size they want, put more money in their pocket, and don’t have to work so dang hard. He has worked with over 1,000 owners over the past 20 years. Nancy Lewellen, J.D., MBA, is a real estate, business and international law attorney, a real estate and mortgage broker, and the managing partner of the Palladian Law Group. Her practice encompasses litigation, arbitration, mediation and transactional legal work for individuals and small businesses. Nancy sets up business entities such as corporations and LLCs; drafts, reviews and negotiates contracts and leases; and helps her clients with landlord/tenant law; and most real estate and business law transactions. Additionally, she has been a commercial and residential mortgage broker and bank lender for 30 years. Rosie Aiello, MBA, is a productivity consultant. Her company, ClearVista Consulting International, Inc., specializes in productivity and organizing for small businesses, attorneys and other professionals. She provides practical solutions for better time management and focus, which put you back in control. She develops processes and systems that will run your business more effectively, resulting in increased productivity and higher profits. Managing emails, the Internet, your calendar, handling delegation and disruptions are only a few of the areas Rosie covers.

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